One of the leading associations
in the Russian fishery industry
35 member-companies

Pollock Catchers Association

of total pollock catch in Russia
of pollock fillets, mince and surimi production in Russia
of total aquatic biological resources in Russia
fishing vessels


Pollock Catchers Association (PCA) was established in 2006.

Today PCA is one of the leading fishermen unions in Russia.

PCA member-companies harvest over 45% of total aquatic biological resources in Russia, including 78% of country’s and 41% of world’s total pollock landings. PCA companies operate 109 fishing vessels, including modern trawler-processors and motherships. PCA also includes companies operating inshore fish processing facilities. PCA companies provide over 20 000 jobs.

From the day of establishment, PCA is committed to the principles of sustainable and responsible fishing. With that goal, PCA supports different environment protective initiatives and scientific researches aimed at preservation of pollock stocks in the Russian waters.

PCA works to promote Russian-made pollock products at the domestic and external markets by strengthening buyers’ and consumers’ trust in high-quality products produced by PCA member companies, and boosting its consumption.

PCA activities

The key goal of the PCA is to protect interests of member-companies with the state authorities. To deliver this goal, PCA works out consolidated opinion on industry issues, participate in decision-making process on fishery matters with the state authorities and other institutes, participates in regulation and law-developing processes and procedures, aimed at industry development, and supports innovative development of the industry.

Important goal of PCA activities is rational use, conservation and reproduction of aqua biological stocks through close cooperation with fishery research and science institutes by delivering of mutual programs and projects. PCA supports program of pollock fishery monitoring improvement, funds at-sea scientific surveys to estimate potential impact of mid-water trawl pollock fisheries on the ecosystem, and pushes technical research project on gear selectivity.


To provide an independent verification that Russian Far East mid-water trawl pollock fisheries are sustainable, PCA has obtained and supported international ecological certification of all key pollock fisheries and stocks towards requirements of the fishery standard of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).