Pollock Catchers Association

Public Union
of Russian Fishery Companies

Pollock Catchers Association held a General meeting

In accordance with the approved meeting agenda, the members of the Association discussed a number of issues, including the proposals of the Russian Fishery Company LLC on reforming the national fishery industry. PCA member-companies expressed their disagreement with proposed changes into the industry legislation by RRPK LLC.

 During the discussion, several PCA member-companies put a motion to exclude six companies affiliated with RRPK group from the Pollock Catchers Association. The reason is a violation of clause 3.6 of the Charter of the Association, which provides a possibility of excluding any member of the Association for committing actions that contradict the goals and (or) objectives of the Association. One of the main goals of the association is to support economic and legal guarantees for the activities of fishing companies. During the voting, the majority of members of the Association voted for this motion.

 Among other issues, PCA General meeting reviewed and approved the report on the work of the Association in 2019, as well as the financial report and the report of the audit commission of 2019. PCA membership discussed information on the progress of work towards MSC certification of the pollock fisheries. The PCA General meeting made a decision to accept new companies “Mintai DV” LLC, “Kometa” LLC, and “RK Novyi Mir” JSC into PCA membership. Companies also approved Declaration on measures to counter the contagion of coronavirus infection within the pollock fishery.

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