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PCA brings Navarinsky Pollock Sustainability Program into action

As it was announced in January 2015, PCA has designed Sustainability Development Program for the Navarinsky Pollock Fishery in the West Bering Sea and aimed at having the fishery certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification.

The Navarinsky Pollock Sustainability Program continues the PCA’s commitment to source from independently certified sustainable Russian Pollock fisheries. The Navarinsky fishery in the West Bering Sea is the second biggest Pollock fishery in Russia after the Sea of Okhotsk fishery which was certified towards MSC standard in September 2013. 

The Navarinsky Program is mapped for 3 years and drew up in accordance with the MSC provided guidelines for fishery improvement projects what allows to track fishery progress against MSC indicators.

According to the Navarinsky Sustainability Program, PCA is planning to commence and support a set of scientific researches to obtain further information about a potential impact the fishery may have on the West- Bering Sea ecosystem, and an analysis of by-catch, bird and sea mammal mortality. The Program is to review the current practice of at-sea observer monitoring in the West Bering Sea Pollock fishery in order to propose further improvement steps. PCA will also support independent review of the harvest strategy and uncertainties in the stock assessment model.

All researches will be conducted with assistance from Russian fishery scientists with support from the Russia’s Federal Fisheries Agency.

The Navarinsky Pollock Sustainability Development Program will be implemented with support from stakeholder partnership called Russian Pollock Sustainability Alliance led by the PCA with world leading seafood processors and buyers since 2012. The Russian Pollock Sustainability Alliance welcomes input and contribution from stakeholders and NGOs in further sustainability development of Russian Pollock fisheries.

The Program summary providing planning and timeline of specific actions as well as expected results is available at the PCA website by the following link.

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