Pollock Catchers Association

Public Union
of Russian Fishery Companies

Invitation to get acquainted with the system of radiation control and monitoring on the Russian Far East fisheries

Taking into account some baseless and false information about radiation issues with the Russian fish, the PCA would like to invite all interested parties and foreign stakeholders to come to Vladivostok at any convenient time and get acquainted with the effective system of radiation control and monitoring introduced for the fisheries on the Russian Far East.

Those who wish will be able to become familiar with the established measures for radiation control and monitoring, equipment and technical tools which are used, record-keeping system for tests result, and talk to specialists who are in charge of the radiation control and monitoring procedures on the Russian Far East fisheries.
The PCA assures foreign buyers of the Russian fishery products that there is an effective system for the radiation control on the fisheries in Russia, and the fishery products are completely safety.

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