Pollock Catchers Association

Public Union
of Russian Fishery Companies

About PCA

Pollock Catchers Association (PCA) was established in 2006. Nowadays, the PCA is the biggest public union in the Russian fishery industry. The PCA includes 26 fishing companies catching about 1,8 mln tons of fish and seafoods in total.

The PCA member companies harvest over 75% of Alaska pollock in the Russian EEZ, and more than 35% of world total catch of Alaska pollock. The PCA member companies  produce high quality fish products corresponding with international quality standards.  The PCA members produce about 99% of total output of sea frozen Pollock fillets, 80% of frozen Pollock, and 83% of Pollock roe in Russia.

The PCA member companies operate 112 of catching and processing trawlers. The catching and processing fleet is based on large scale vessels of BATM, BMRT, RKTMS types. Over 20 thousands of fishermen work for the PCA member companies.


The highest management body is the General Meeting  of the  Pollock Catchers Association (PCA). The General Meeting appoints collegial executive board – Association's Council.  PCA Council includes the following representatives:

  • - Litvinenko Viktor Aleksandrovich,
  • - Moskaltsov Vyacheslav Yurievich,
  • - Zverev German Stanislavovich,
  • - Isakov Alexander Alexandrovich,
  • - Peredriy Sergey Andreevich,
  • - Kotov Mikhail Nikolaevich,
  • - Novoselov Evgeniy Alikovich,
  • - Petrushin Maxim Valentinovich,
  • - Tarusov Sergey Borisovich.

Executive management of the Pollock Catchers Association is executed by President and two Vice-presidents which are elected by the General Meeting.

  • - Novoselov Evgeniy Alikovich - Vice-President of Pollock Catchers Association
  • - Buglak Alexey Vitalievich - President of Pollock Catchers Association. 


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